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Our tour will explore two iconic Normandy castles, each featuring distinct architectural styles that illustrate the region’s rich history.

We will start with the castle of Saint Germain de Livet, a fascinating combination of a traditional Norman mansion from the 15th century with stone and varnished brick elements from the 16th century, located in the beautiful Pays d’Auge, near Lisieux.

The journey continues to the medieval castle of William the Conqueror, an imposing fortress built by the direct descendants of the famous conqueror, in the exact place of his birth.

A journey into the heart of Norman history, where architecture tells the stories of centuries past.


  • Norman Castle with Renaissance Furniture
  • Medieval Castle of William the Conqueror

History about Normandy castles Private Tour

We will visit two typical Normandy castles: a Norman style castle and a medieval castle.

We will start with the castle of Saint Germain de Livet

Jewel of the Pays d’Auge, near Lisieux, the castle combines a traditional 15th-century wooden mansion and a sixteenth-century varnished stone and brick building.

The interior is decorated and still retains characteristics of the Renaissance, has collections dedicated to the painter Léon Riesener and his family.

Next we will visit the medieval castle of William the conqueror

The fortress that we will visit was built by the direct descendants of William the Conqueror in the exact place of the castle where he was born. This medieval castle saw the worst clashes of mankind: war of Normandy, Hundred Years’ War, French Revolution and World War II, where it served as bunker for the German army.

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