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Our visit begins with the German Merville Battery, a historic site that reminds us of the crucial events of the Second World War.

Next, we will visit the Pegasus Memorial, a tribute to the brave British soldiers who participated in D-Day and airborne operations.

Our third destination will be the store museum located in Arromanches, on the beach codenamed Gold.

Unique collection of personal objects, photos, uniforms and more donated by 250 veterans who fought in Normandy

Gold Beach and Mulberry Artificial Harbor


  • Discover the first point taken by allied forces
  • Understand the details of Operation Overlord’s success
  • Visit 3 new museums about D-Day

History about the Normandy Museums

We will begin our visit with the German Battery of Merville

A fully preserved open-air museum that explains in a pedagogical way how the battery operated and what is the purpose of each bunker.

The museum also offers the visitor an audio-visual immersion of the events of June 6, recreating the attack that the battery suffered that day.

Next we will visit the Pegasus Memorial.

In addition to explaining exactly what the British 6th Division’s mission is, the museum keeps on display the original bridge taken on 6 June. The Pegasus Bridge was the first point to be liberated by Allied forces on D-Day.

Our third museum is located in the commune of Arromanches, near Gold Beach

Arromanches was chosen by the allies to receive one of the two artificial ports “Mullberry”, which were used for landing troops and equipment.

It is still possible to see the remains of the artificial harbor, scattered along the beach.

There will be a shop-museum of authentic objects where the guide will explain the details of the objects.

Normandy Museums Gallery

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