Normandy, a region in northern France, is known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes and cities.

A Normandy tour in May is the perfect opportunity to explore these enchanting destinations while enjoying a pleasant climate and the arrival of spring. There are many beautiful cities and places to visit, choosing to highlight some of them here was a challenge!

We will do other articles with the same style, but changing destinations, so you can choose what suits you best to your travel style.

Here is a suggested itinerary, highlighting some of the most charms of the region.

Day 1: Rouen, historic charm on the banks of the Seine

Start your journey in the city of Rouen, known for its medieval architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

Visit Rouen’s imposing Notre-Dame Cathedral, which inspired Claude Monet’s artwork, and lose yourself in the charming streets of the historic center. Be sure to explore the Place du Vieux Marché, where Joan of Arc was executed, and try the local cuisine in one of the traditional restaurants.

One of the unmissable specialties is the “Canard à la Rouennaise”, or Rouen-style duck. This is a classic delicacy of the region, in which the duck is prepared in a careful and sophisticated way. The meat succulent and flavorful is served with a rich and full-bodied sauce, providing an experience unique cuisine.

Day 2: Honfleur, the picturesque charm of a port city

On day two, head to the picturesque harbor town of Honfleur. Its cobbled streets, houses colors and the bustling harbor are a live painting. The city is not big, the best way to explore it is to get lost in its alleys.

But a route to follow would be to walk through the historic center, visit the Church of Sainte-Catherine, built entirely in wood, and enjoy lunch in a of seaside restaurants.

You will have options on the Honfleur menu: oysters, mussels, crabs and shrimp, all caught directly from the sea. Be sure to try the “Moules Frites” (mussels with fries), a classic and tasty dish from the region. Another local specialty is the “Camember de Normandie”.

This soft and creamy cheese is produced in the Normandy region and has a distinctive and rich flavor. Enjoy it with fresh bread and wash it down with a glass of local cider for a perfect combination.

Day 3: Etretat, Stunning Natural Beauty on the Cliffs of Normandy

Prepare to be in awe of the stunning cliffs of Etretat. Monet quoted: «The color is mine daily obsession, my joy and my torment.”

Since Étretat is the frequent setting for his works, you see the reason behind this phrase by the great impressionist painter.

The sky in Normandy has a indescribable change of colors, in Etretat you will see this wonder of nature, the sky and its color gradient that inspired several impressionist painters.

May is a great month to enjoy the spectacle, if the weather forecast is mild, at the end of the day you will see a wonderful sunset, in various tones already known in impressionist works.


This small coastal town is famous for its impressive rock formations, such as the Falaise d’Étretat and the famous Porte d’Aval. walk along the beach, climb the cliffs for panoramic views and enjoy an outdoor picnic while admire the spectacular landscape.

Day 4 : Bayeux, Historical Treasures and the Millennial Norman Tapestry

On the fourth day, stop in Bayeux, a city full of history and charm. Visit the Cathedral of Bayeux and explore its preserved medieval center.

The highlight of the city is the Bayeux Tapestry, a impressive embroidered panel that tells the story of the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

Be sure to take the time to appreciate this historic masterpiece.

Day 5 : Giverny, The Floral Paradise That Inspired Monet

Enchanting Tour of Normandy in May

Voilà mon atelier, à moi! Monet said about his beautiful garden, an eternal source of inspiration for his works.

Visiting Monet is an experience.

We end our Normandy itinerary with a visit to the enchanting village of Giverny, home to the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet. Explore Monet’s Gardens, where you will find the famous Japanese bridges and the beautiful flowerbeds that inspired many of his works.

Also visit Monet’s house, which has been turned into a museum, and immerse yourself in the artist’s world. Giverny in May is a delight: irises, lush wisteria, peonies and gorgeous tulips, all composing an unforgettable landscape.

This enchanting tour of Normandy in may offers a perfect blend of history, culture and stunning landscapes.

Each city has its own charm and offers unique experiences.

Prepare to fall in love with Normandy while planning your trip to discover Normandy is an experience that combines stunning nature, fascinating history and an atmospheric atmosphere.

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